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Google Announces AMP Pages & Search Integration Next Year

By December 12, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments


Google had announced its open source initiative, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a few months ago. The goal was to give a boost to the performance of mobile web. Google has now announced that it will be integrating it into its search results starting February next year. It is expected to boost your search ranking over time. These pages will load faster and there is a chance that Google may also label them as ‘fast’ for distinction.

Google’s San Francisco Event

The rollout of AMP was announced through Google’s blog. The search giant also held a press event in San Francisco to further elaborate it and other features.

Two key inferences from the event were:

  • AMP pages are likely to get a boost in their ranking;
  • It may also have a ‘fast’ label, something like mobile-friendly pages get.

Google also elaborated on mobile page speed being a ranking factor. AMP helps improve page speed and load time. If you have AMP pages, it may be given preference in search results. It is expected that AMP could become one of the most accessible ways for boosting your page load times.

The AMP Project

The AMP project depends on a new open framework, AMP HTML. It is developed on the current web technologies, and allows sites to create lightweight pages. The goal behind developing it was to allow rich content (graphics, video and animations) to work beside smart ads and load faster.

Google also intends the same code to be used across different devices and platforms. This will help ensure that content could appear anywhere without keeping the user waiting (across all mobile devices – phones and tablets).

It is also likely that Google may label the “AMP-ed” pages as ‘fast’. But the company said that there is no assurance that a label could be there. They are still working on the UI and user experience which will be integrated on the AMP pages. However, the company clarified that it is not the sole method for speeding up your mobile pages. Google has already launched a test site for the project. Here you could view how your webpages look. But when they are integrated into the search engine, the view may change.

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