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Google Announces Digital Skills Academy for London

By June 13, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has announced that it will be investing in digital skills academy in the UK capital. It will be an additional building added to its Central London office. The new facility will be aimed at helping in educating people and developing digital skills. It will also help more people to learn about the products from the search engine giant.

About the Digital Skills Programme

The office is located in Victoria, where Google’s staff will be providing classes to the attendees. Everyone could attend the academy – from schoolchildren to corporate executives. The company executives claim that they are driven by the goal to develop the digital skills of more people.

There will be different custom courses, but Google has not announced when they will begin and what the curriculum will be. It is rare for a search engine or a tech company to invest in a digital academy at such a large scale.

London’s Deputy Mayor for Business acknowledged the announcement made by Google. According to him, Google is doing a great job by providing educational and training programs in digital technology. He acknowledged that “people from all backgrounds” will be able to participate in the programmes.

According to him, it will contribute in a big way to the existing Digital Talent programme in London. It is going to help develop new digital talent that can help address the growing demand for IT services in different sectors.

Google’s Other Plans

Google also has plans to expand its facilities elsewhere in a similar manner. For example, it is going to set up a large new HQ in King’s Cross. Some of its other facilities are present at Tottenham Court Road and Shoreditch.

About the New Google Digital Academy

The new Google Digital Skills Academy will be added to the search giant’s facility at 123 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria. It will have themed rooms including fun fair and Brighton Beach rooms. It will be opened at the London Tech Week.

The need for tech solutions for companies in London has been growing at a fast pace. It is home to some of the largest companies in different sectors, ranging from fashion to automobiles to music. The new initiative will not only help develop digital talent, it will also create thousands of job openings in this market.

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