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Google Announces Mobile-First Search Indexing

By November 9, 2016 No Comments

Google has been giving increasing amount of importance to mobile. With mobile-first indexing, mobile content has become likely more important than desktop content than ever before. Currently, the search engine has termed this move as an ‘experiment’, it is still a big step in indexing. It is worth knowing that currently most Google searches are based on mobile, but indexing was primarily focused on desktop content.

What Google Has to Say?

According to Google it has been seeing more volume of mobile searches compared to desktop searches. While this was happening page ranking has been based on desktop version. This has been an issue and from now on the search engine will check your site’s mobile version of content, structured data and links.

According to Google, this will make the search results more useful. Its search algorithm will now use mobile version as the primary content for ranking pages. However, the search experience will be enriched for everyone – both desktop and mobile users.

Time to Become Mobile Friendly

Now mobile content will be index first. It will be used to determine how search results will be ranked. Earlier Google was doing certain types of mobile-friendly adjustments to deliver the results for its mobile searchers. That will no longer be the case.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, it is time you updated it.

What Should You Do?

  • Responsive Site: If you already have a responsive website with equivalent markup and primary content for desktop and mobile, you will not have to worry. This also applies to dynamic-serving websites.
  • Site Configuration: If your markup and primary content are different for the two versions and you have done some site configuration, it will be required to update your site.
  • Structured Markup: It will be required to serve structured markup for both the versions. You can check equivalence by using the Structured Data Testing Tool. Just type in the URLs and compare the results.
  • Robots.txt Test: Check your site’s mobile version’s accessibility to Googlebot using robots.txt test tool.
  • Canonical Links: There is no need to change anything about your site’s canonical links. Google will still be using the same links when serving relevant search results across both mobile and desktop.
  • Site Verification: If you have verified only the desktop version of your site in Search Console, make sure to verify the mobile version too.

Most people will need help in making the appropriate changes. If you are looking for help, it is recommended to visit for more information and assistance from the experts.