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Google Announces New Changes in Maps Ads

By July 30, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Now advertising on Google Maps will become even more effective for local businesses. There are new changes to Google Maps ads which will help you make your business more visible.

How Do Google Maps Ads Help?

Google Maps ads can help your target audience find and reach your business location. You can reach potential customers who are searching for your products or services in Maps.

As more people use Google Maps in their mobile, this ad product from Google can give a big boost to your in-store traffic. The mobile version also provides Call or Directions feature. Potential customers can reach you instantly.

When someone makes any search in Google Maps for mobile, relevant ads will appear below the map. But a purple icon will appear on the map showing your business location.

A tap on your ad can give people more information about your business – reviews and business hours.

New Changes in Local Search Adds

The new Google Maps ads are available for both the desktop and mobile versions. The app has already been downloaded a billion times and that creates vast business potential.

One of the new changes is hat now Google Maps for desktop searches will give users Maps ads above all the other map results within the Local Finder. The labels remain purple.

Small businesses that want to rank high for relevant local searches will find this to be a big boost for their marketing efforts. Many businesses have been working for a long time to rank high in local maps results, organically.

Promote Pins

Now Google Maps will also show company logos (or promoted pins). This will give your potential customers physical location of your company when you buy the ad space. Promoted pins will be visible to them whenever:

  • They open Google Maps
  • They want to get directions
  • During navigation

But the pins will not be distracting for drivers who want to get directions while driving.

The ads will be featured on top of the organic search results. However, a maximum of only 2 ads having purple ad labels will be made visible at the top. It means there will be some bidding war.

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