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Google Announces Priority Indexing of HTTPS Pages

By December 31, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Are your webpages on HTTPS? If not then you should move on from HTTP. Google has announced that it will be indexing HTTPS pages first and HTTP pages later. This has had been considered to be the norm for some time, but it is only now that Google has officially announced it. If the search giant is to be believed, they are just rolling out this new algorithm change.

How the Change Will Work?

Google has announced that it will be ‘trying’ to index HTTPS web pages first before their equivalent HTTP pages. So if your site’s navigation references HTTP URLs, the search engine will check whether those pages work on HTTPS or not. Then, it will index the HTTPS pages and display them in your search results.

The search engine will try to crawl the HTTPS versions of your HTTP pages. It will do so even if the HTTPS version is not linked from any pages. In other words, when it will detect 2 URLs on the same domain having same content (having been served through different protocols), it will give preference to indexing the HTTPS version.

Conditions for Indexing HTTPS

According to Google, there are certain conditions for this preferential indexing of HTTPS. These are as following:

  • It must not have any form of insecure dependency.
  • It should not be blocked for crawling through robots.txt.
  • There should not be a rel=”canonical” link for the HTTP page.
  • There should not be a redirect to/through insecure HTTP page.
  • There should be no no-index robots meta tag.
  • The HTTPS URL is listed in the sitemap or it doesn’t list the HTTP equivalent.
  • There are no on-host outlinks to HTTP URLs.
  • There is a TLS certificate for the server.

The very first requirement is a major one because most pages can have insecure images, videos, includes and other content. So it is difficult for many websites to meet this condition. But if you want to speed up your indexing, make sure to move your webpages to HTTPS. There is a good chance that it could also help improve your search rankings.

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