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Google Announces Release of Mobile Friendly Algorithm in April

By March 27, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Announces Release of Mobile Friendly Algorithm in April 1

Google is updating its ranking algorithm and mobile friendly websites are going to become even more important in search rankings. Even WordPress’s team has asked its theme authors to check the forthcoming update and ensure that their themes are mobile friendly.

Announcement by Google

The search giant has had already been using mobile-friendliness as an important ranking signal. In its latest announcement, it said that it is going to expand the use of the signal. All mobile searches across the world (in all languages) will be affected. The goal is to deliver better quality and more relevant search results.

During the announcement on Google+ hangout, the search giant’s team said that the new search algorithm will be released on April 21st. It will be fully implemented within a week. The team also clarified that the algorithm will check websites for being mobile friendly. There is no degree of mobile-friendliness. So your website will be either mobile friendly or it will not be. Website owners are recommended to check their sites for mobile friendliness using testing tools.

Testing Your Website

Website owners can also test their site to check if they are mobile friendly or not. Google already offers some tools for doing so.

  • Google Webmaster Tools has been updated with a Mobile Usability Report. It provides a detailed report of any mobile usability problems with a website.

Google has provided a guide for running your mobile SEO campaign. But the details of the new mobile ranking algorithm haven’t been disclosed yet. WP users can however check the special guide designed specifically for them. It also encourages you to upgraded to the latest version and, if required, to switch to another mobile-friendly theme.

  • Google Chrome also features a Mobile Device Emulation option in the Developer Tools menu, which can be used to test your website on different mobile devices.

Choose Only Responsive WP Themes

There are hundreds of responsive WordPress themes out there. So it is recommended to move your website to a responsive theme. It is easy to search for these mobile friendly themes on WP.

It is worth noting that Google will check your site for its mobile friendliness on a page by page basis. A page will be mobile friendly or not. There is no algorithm for determining how mobile friendly a page is.

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