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Google Assistant Likely to Make its Way to iPhone

By May 18, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Assistant has so far been limited to Android and Home. Reports suggest that Google is going to introduce the voice-based assistant to iPhone too. It may not offer the deep integration with Android, but it is expected to provide access to content within different Google apps including YouTube. The app will initially be offered to users in the United States and can take some time to reach the U.K. Some reports suggest that Assistant may also find integration with certain appliances.

Integration with Google Photos

Google Photos will also find integration with the app. This can allow you to create coffee table books using your image library. It will stand out from iPhoto books in that it will also automatically include the most relevant photos.

Google Photos will thus get deeper AI capabilities. It is worth mentioning that it already has some integration with Assistant.

Integration with Home Appliances

Reports also claim that Assistant could be integrated with home appliances from GE. You may be able to use commands to get your oven to pre-heat or even ask the dishwasher the number of cleaning pods left. The other appliances can include refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and dryers.

Whatever the depth of integration with different appliances, it will mean AI will make room into people’s home.

Google Developer Conference

It is expected that these new developments will be announced by Google at its current I/O conference in Mountain View, California. It is expected that Google will bring Assistant initially to the following three properties:

  • iPhone
  • Kitchens
  • Coffee tables

The app is expected to be available as a free and standalone program. Users will be able to download it from the App Store. There are also chances that the update may be made to the Google app itself.

AI was also a hot topic at the recent Microsoft developer conference. According to the company, AI is going to become part of all its products. When it comes to iPhone, Siri has a clear advantage over Google Assistant. However, with Assistant making its way to the iPhone, there is going to be some pressure on Apple to improve its assistant. Samsung is also working on its own app, the Bixby. Many studies show that Google Assistant has higher accuracy compared to the other options currently available in the market.

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