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Google My Business Updates: Branded Searches, Map view in Address & New Limit on Posts

By October 22, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google My Business has received a series of updates in recent months. In the latest update, Google My Business Insights has added a new reporting feature – branded search. In its previous update, the Dashboard added maps to address before changing the limit on post lengths to 1500 characters. The earlier limit was set at 300 words.

Google My Business Insights Update

In the latest update, a new metric has been added to the local Insights report. The local dashboard analytics now allows you to set filters and view the percentage of people who used branded searches to find your business in Google Maps and local search.

The searches can include:

  • Brand names
  • Company name
  • Keywords
  • Products/services

New Graph Sections

If you are receiving lots of branded searches for local listings, you may see a yellow section in the pie. The different sections in the graph will include:

  • Yellow: Representing branded searches, this section represents searchers who found your listing when making brand-based searches.
  • Green: This represents direct searches based on your business name and/or address.
  • Blue: This refers to the searches based on your product/service or category.

Benefits of Branded Searches Section

The new ‘insight’ will provide you with more information on how a percentage of your customers found your business in local search. The information can thus be used to improve your local SEO strategy.

Map Added to Google My Business Address

In another update recently the Google My Business dashboard began showing address along with a visual map. There was no map earlier when you wanted to edit the address. It will now show the map even before you want to edit the location. Google will drop the pin based on previous information and you can modify it as per your preferences.

New Limit on Posts

Another new change to the platform, the search giant has reset the length of posts that can be published through it to 1500 characters. The previous limit was set at 300 words (not characters). There was also a minimum limit of 100 words. Apparently, there is no minimum length any longer. 1500 characters comes to around 250 words.

This means that you will now have to write shorter posts. This can be reasonable because when someone visits a Google My Business page, they are looking for short and quick segments of information. You don’t expect people to come here to read long articles. Since these posts are shown in search results and Maps, it makes all the more sense to keep them brief.

Thus, Google is regularly releasing new updates to Google My Business. For more information about the most important online marketing platforms, it is recommended to visit