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Google Buy Buttons to Allow Direct Shopping from the Search Engine

By May 19, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Buy Buttons to Allow Direct Shopping from the Search Engine 1

Imagine pressing a button on Google mobile search and buying something online! That is something Google Shopping is going to offer in the near future. There are reports that the search engine will begin showing “Buy” buttons in its mobile search ads within a few weeks.

Google – An Ecommerce Middle-Man

Currently, Google Shopping’s role is to refer its searchers to ecommerce sites like Amazon, Macy and eBay. Once the new “Buy” button feature starts appearing in its search results it will move on to become a “middle-man.”

When you will click on the buy button on an ad, you will be taken to a landing page (on Google) where you can select the size, colour and other features. The retailers are going to process the order and the shipping in the background. Many retailers are in fact concerned that this could take away buyers from their own pages (although not the sales!).

Data Sharing Concerns

Google is however going to offer opt-ins so that retailers can determine whether to let the transactions take place on their own site or on Google. There were similar objections to Google’s Certified Shops program. It also meant retailers would have to share their data with the search engine. But it took the search giant to drop the data-sharing requirements for many retailers to hop onto the boat.

Once the Buy button feature goes live, Google will process orders on its own site. In other words, retailers will not get access to payment information. Google is going to offer a number of payment options and let the buyers save the options (and even the details) for purchases in the future. It will be worth watching how many retailers will agree to this setup.

No Google Share in Transactions

However, payment transaction and payment-related information is probably the only data that retailers will have to sacrifice in this set up. Google will not require them to share any percentage of the payment. This is unlike eBay and Amazon that require retailers to pay a hefty fee. But the search giant will continue its standard per ad click charge.

Note: – This is a big plus for all those retailers who have always been concerned about the transaction percentage they had to share with Amazon and other major online stores.

Google has already started offering food delivery order and hotel-booking (links) in Google Search and Maps.

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