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Google Celebrates 20 Years with New Features & Improvements

By September 25, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google is now two decades old and the search giant celebrated its 20th anniversary as a small event. However, it has released a set of new and revamped features that cannot be called small. The newly added features are focused on mobile devices and cover machine learning and structured data. The search concepts of the future have been redefined. The shift in search concepts covers three areas. Search queries will be replaced by query-less discovery, Google will take users on a journey instead of just offering answers, and there is a shift from text to visual content.

Personalised Search Journey

‘Activity Cards’ is a new feature while Google has improved its ‘Collections’ feature to deliver a personalised ‘search journey’ for its users.

  • Activity Cards: These cards appear based on your previous search. You will see your previous queries and visited webpages. You can edit which results you see in the Cards.
  • Collections: This feature was already there and the improved version has been linked to Activity Cards. It allows searchers to save and organise content on mobile devices. You can save webpages from Activity Cards and also get suggestions based on previous searches.

Topic Layer

The search engine has added a ‘Topic Layer’ to knowledge graph. It is the feature that is driving the new related suggestions feature. Topic Layer is based on the analysis of all the content that is relevant to a topic and builds thousands of subtopics. The algorithm also tries to comprehend the patterns and relations between the different subtopics to show the content that you are likely to search next.

Discover – The New Google Feed

With over 800 million users worldwide, the importance of Google Feed cannot be ignored for publishers who want to boost their traffic. The search engine has renamed the product as ‘Discover’ and it is making its way to mobile. There are improved user controls and design elements. All content will appear with a topic heading. You can follow topics, customise what content you want to see, and there will be more video content.

Visual Search

A search on Google will now display more visual elements than before. The search giant has extended its AMP stories to its search results. It is using AI to develop AMP stories and show the visual content within Search. The initial focus will be on celebrities and such personalities.

Google will also be identifying relevant sections from videos for previews in search results. This feature has been called ‘featured videos’. In addition, Google images is also planned to get updates to display more context-based images.

Google is certainly taking user experience to the next level with these updates on its 20th anniversary. For more information and how to leverage the new developments in the SEO domain, it is recommended to visit