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Google Changes Paid Search Ad Layout: How Does it Affect Your SEO Campaigns?

By April 1, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has brought some big changes to its paid ad displays. It has affected advertisers in a big way. Even organic search publishers and SEOs will experience some changes. Let’s explore how the latest tweak by the search giant can affect your SEO campaigns and SERPs.

The Recent Paid Search Changes

Google recently came up with a decision that desktop users shouldn’t have paid search ads appearing on the right side of their search results. Another thing they came up with was that 4 paid search results should appear on the top of the search page. Not just 3. The paid search ads which have lesser than 4th rank will be displayed at bottom. There will be a total of not more than 7 ads on a page.

Why the New Changes to Paid Search Ads?

Google has experienced massive growth in its mobile traffic. With the new changes, it will provide a similar layout and experience to its mobile search results. The search engine claims that this will deliver more relevant results to its users and improved performance to advertisers.

Impact on Organic Search

This is going to affect organic search in so many ways.

With the new changes paid search ads get more space on organic search results pages. This will push down the organic results. That will be the case with desktop search, and not to mention that mobile SERPs already had any organic listings above the fold.

The bottom line is that Google will be able to give its advertisers more visibility and space!

As a business, you will have to run the perfect combination of paid search and organic search campaign to rank high and increase your visibility.

Local Search

The new change will also increase the importance of local search. If you have a physical store or business office, users will first see paid ads and then the local info. So you will have to implement the right strategies to put your business in the local info.

It is also time for you to bring changes to the content you create for different stages in the buying process. Intent-based moments and mobile usage are the new big factors to understand consumer behaviour. A major change brought about more recently is that the sales funnel is no longer linear. So you will have to start creating content that targets your audience at different stages of their buying journey.

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