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Google first showed glimpses of Allo’s desktop version first in the beginning of this year. The search giant is expected to launch Allo’s version 15 any time as a desktop app. An APK has been added to the Play Store and it helps provide lots of insights into what the new messaging app is likely to offer users.

Allo for Web

The desktop client is named “Allo for web”. It requires you to visit the link and scan the QR code. The web version also has a new icon.

There is also a new sticker for the Allo for web pairing screen – in the form of a laptop. When you tap the ‘scan QR code’, it will open the camera interface.

Pairing Process

There are many strings that elaborate the pairing process – both for successful and failed connections. Apparently, Google Allo will provide a dialog box so that users can access chats and contacts.

Google had teased a Data usage screen in Allo v14. It provided information about the volume of data sent and received. The feature was never actually released. In Allo v15, the feature has been added in the form of Google Drive showing data usage.

Google Contacts

Allo has also been integrated into Google Contacts. The integration comes in the form of a shortcut for contacts using the app. When you tap the messaging shortcut, you will be taken to the current conversation.

The latest version of Allo has also been added with a new feature called ‘micro machines’. Once you enable it, it allows you to send messages in different formats, including:

  • Stickers
  • Drawings
  • Small and large text

Unless Google provides an explanation, the full definition of this feature will remain a mystery. Apparently, it is a group of mini apps and games that can be accessed through a new list. A shared list can be created using two apps. You can also use Hello World to send a ‘special message’. You can engage in competitive doodle with your friends in the games.

About Google Allo

Google Allo was announced more than a year ago at Google’s developer conference. The IM app is available for both iOS and Android. It makes use of phone numbers, allowing you to send and receive messages, voice notes, photos and files. It also has a virtual assistant and an encryption mode.

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