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Google Hire: Google’s New Product for Job Seekers & Employers

By April 21, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google is planning a new product, Google Hire. The company has confirmed that the product is under development and it is designed to help employers gather applications from candidates. It will be available to the users of G Suite.

The homepage of Google Hire is already live, but it is locked for access. It is expected to work as a recruitment tool that will let employers manage their job applications from one place. They may be able to place ads about the current job listings so that jobseekers can apply.

Will Google Hire Compete Against LinkedIn?

When Google launches a job service, websites like LinkedIn should take it seriously. It is claimed that Google Hire is being guided by Bebop’s management. Google acquired this startup back in 2015. Diane Greene of Bebop is now leading the enterprise and cloud division within Google. LinkedIn may have a different approach to it, but it’s not clear yet how Google will promote its new product.

Can Google Hire Interfere with User Privacy?

Google Hire will be accessible to those with a Google account. There are concerns that the product may also allow employers to get access to the search history of the job applicants. Google has however dismissed these claims.

According to the search engine, Google Hire will allow employers to access the only information that is voluntarily provided by the candidate. Search and viewing history are outside the preview of this information. Candidates will be allowed to enter information into Google Hire and that will be the only information that gets shared with potential employers.

It is not clear yet as to what level of permissions will need to be granted to use Google Hire. Google has been releasing some insights into this information at a slow pace, however.


Google Hire is seen as a late entrant in this domain. LinkedIn is the biggest player in the niche, working in different ways to bring together potential employers and employees. There are many others job search websites in the market including Indeed, Reed, TotalJobs, and Jobsite. When you consider how many users Google reaches through its Google account, it is expected that it will not have much difficulty reaching a larger audience through its new product.

It is also expected that Google Hire may also open new advertising opportunities for businesses. The kind of advertising products that the search engine may come up with is only a matter of speculation currently.

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