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Google Home to be Released in the UK in the Next Few Months

By March 30, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

It has been confirmed that Google Home will be released in the UK in the next few months. Although there is no official release date, the latest news suggests that Google Home will be here in June. The Amazon Echo took almost a year after its US release to enter the UK market. Google’s digital assistant was released only a few months ago in the US.

The good thing is that Google Home has been used (and tested) widely by users in the US and all its features are already well known.

Google Home was first announced by the search giant at the last year’s I/O developer conference. This voice-activated device enables you to access and use Google Assistant anywhere in your home.

It was launched in the US in partnership with Smart Things (Samsung), Nest, IFTTT, and Phillips Hue. It is expected that the same partners will be used for its UK launch too.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a powerful artificial intelligence system that can access Google search results and provide answers to user queries. It is also capable of accessing other services. You can also provide it permission to scan your:

  • Files
  • Emails
  • Photos
  • Calendars

And different Google products.

If you ask a question to the text-based version of Google Assistant, it will also provide additional relevant questions.

You can ask Google Home questions and it will pull up relevant results from the infinite knowledgebase of Google. You can also ask it to play your favourite music, movies, and TV shows in your Chromecast.

It is a Wi-Fi enabled speaker that allows access to Google Assistant in any room in your home. It is fully voice-based but there is a touch screen on the top too. It has a compact design and can easily be placed on any flat surface.

Why Google Home is Better than its Competition?

There are 2 clear reasons why Google Home is considered better than Echo.

  • The underlying goal is not to drive e-commerce.
  • If you already use Google products, you can sync it with your Google account. This will allow managing everything from one place with voice commands.

There is one more reason why Google Home has an edge. It is cheaper than the Echo in the US and it is expected that the same pricing difference will be maintained in the UK too.

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