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Google Hotel Ads gets Integrated into AdWords

By July 18, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google AdWords is integrating hotel ads into it. The search giant made the announcement on the heels of the moment it is going to rebrand AdWords as Google Ads. From now on, you can access hotel ads campaigns from the same place as other campaigns. This is done with the introduction of a new type of campaign. You can also find a new Hotel Center to manage hotel price feeds.

The new option is perfect for those in the hotel and travel industry.

New Hotel Ads Campaign

This is good news for businesses from the niche. The tech company announced the integration at the Google Marketing Live event in San Jose, California. The campaign has been available for the past 8 years in sponsored listings within Google Maps. They were later made available in Google search results and a different ad platform was used for management.

The Hotel Ads Edge

Hotel Ads display your business on Google Search and Google Maps on all types of devices. Your ads will reach out to travellers searching for your services. You will pay only when the ad receives a click or generates a booking. It can allow your customers to book directly on your site.

The search giant has partnered with several Integration Partners for setting up and managing your campaign. You can create interactive tours and add to your campaigns. This allows your potential guests to get a view of your hotel interiors. This is made possible with the help of Google Maps Business View and the tours are displayed in both Google Maps and Search. Thus, you can allow your guests to get an experience of your hotel even before they book.

Beta Phase

Google has offered a new Hotel Ads campaign type that is available in beta. The testing is in collaboration with Koddi and These are feed-based campaigns and there is a new Hotel Center that simplifies managing and optimising feed.

Google will be increasing the list of functionalities to make it easier to manage more features such as dynamic remarketing creatives. It was announced that the new Hotel Center replaces the present Hotel Ads Center.

The new addition will address the basics. It will simplify submission of hotel inventory and description of hotel properties.

The tech giant has also provided a form to allow everyone interested to participate in the beta campaign type. A lot of similarity is being seen in the way Google introduced YouTube TrueView ad in AdWords, some years ago.

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