Google iOS app has received a new update. Instant answers and trending searches are the major additions to the app. Whenever you tap on the search box, the dropdown menu will show ‘trending searches’. Because the change cannot be experienced by all users, it is expected that the search giant is still rolling out the new feature.

Smarter Search Box

According to Google, it has made the search box smarter. You will now be able to get answers even before you have finished typing the search query. The potential answers will appear during typing in the suggestions. This feature is especially beneficial for users who want to get access to quick facts. Google Home/voice search has otherwise been providing faster access to information. The Spotlight Search feature in Safari (by Apple), can be seen to be providing an excellent version of instant answers.

Trending Searches

Trending searches data seems to have been sourced from Knowledge Graph data. But it is not always you will get answers to factual queries. Comparatively, Google Answer Box delivers richer answers. It is expected that this new feature will be valuable to many users. It has been observed to cater to national queries and not local queries.

Some of the key features of the latest Google iOS update are as following:

  • When you tap on the search box, it will show searches trending near you.
  • Instant answers are shown while you are typing the query. The answer will show in the suggestions list under the search box.
  • You can also provide feedback against a suggestion that appears when typing a query. If you swipe left, you will see ‘info’ where you can leave the feedback.

Personalised News Feed

The new features are launched after Google recently released a personalised news feed for the iOS app. This feature provided content after taking into account your search history and the topics you are following. It was a replacement for Google Now. Google Now predicted a wide range of information including traffic updates and weather. It has now been included in the Updates tab.

Google had introduced Trending Searches a year ago in Android. After user feedback, the search giant made the feature optional. With the current Google iOS update, the feature has been made optional too.

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