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Google Knowledge Graph – How will it affect Adwords?

By May 23, 2012 June 26th, 2019 No Comments


Google Knowledge Graph

For the last couple of months we have been informed of a huge change in Google search results which will be rolled out this year. The Financial Times recently reported Google’s  biggest overhaul in the search results for years as the world’s most popular search engine now plan to show detailed information regarding a search query to the right of the search results about millions of people, places and real world items.

The name of Google’s most recent project is ‘The Knowledge Graph’ and from a marketing perspective it is interesting to find out what the affect will be upon advertising campaigns who are using a search term which returns a knowledge graph result, will their ads appear below this information, above it or even at all?

The knowledge graph is set to be rolled out this year, so advertisers using keywords associated with categories that it is likely to cover such as Movies, Cities & Countries, Brands and Equipment may be worth looking out for the end product as a total adwords rejig may have to be on the cards.

From the perspective of an adwords management agency we feel that despite the knowledge graph taking up a huge space where the ads would usually lie may possible help a broad matched adwords campaign. The knowledge graph only shows for very particular items that are in the database, the knowledge graph would show for items that users rarely click ads for and are looking more for information within the natural search results.

This means that advertisers will either be forced into more effective, targeted ads or will see the CTR of their campaign drastically increase. For example an adwords user using the broad match term Wild Boar Hunting, the user may accumulate impressions for the exact search query of “wild boar”, this is a term that would be likely to result in a low click through rate, so when the knowledge graph clicks in, the users ads will no longer show for this query and their overall click through rate will increase as a result, meaning higher quality scores and a lower average cost per click/higher positions!

If you feel the knowledge graph might affect your ads or you have anything to say, leave your comment below and we will get back to you…