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Google Launches Google My Business Agency Dashboard

By June 12, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has launched its Google My Business Agency Dashboard. The launch comes exactly a month after the announcement of the feature. The new dashboard will allow agencies to manage multiple listings from one place and with utmost ease. Find out what is special about this new feature from the search giant.

Benefits of Agency Dashboard

The key benefits of the new Google My Business feature are as follows:

  • Manage Multiple Locations: Once you have registered, it is now possible to manage all your locations from one account. Earlier, there was a limitation of 100 locations that could be managed on a single account.
  • Location Groups: The new feature has simplified location management. It is now required to add all locations within an account in a location group. This allows agencies to access customer location within a location group. Customers can also invite a location group for co-management of their listing.
  • Search: Search for locations across your account or within a specific location group.
  • User Groups: This feature allows team management and control access to your location groups.
  • Send/Receive Invitations: It has become easier to send/receive invitations for managing your Google listings. It is also possible to view request statuses from within the dashboard.

Thus, there are many benefits of registering with Google My Business Agency Dashboard. You will get access to Google support focused on your agency’s needs. You will be able to create user groups and manage your teams with more control.

How to Register?

Follow these steps to register with Google My Business Agency Dashboard:

  • Open
  • Click on ‘start now’
  • Now follow all the instructions required for registering

You will have start with a Google account that doesn’t already have any locations or location groups.

Organising Locations & Users

Use the following steps for organising your locations and users:

  • Register on Google My Business
  • Create location groups to manage locations
  • Access your customers’ locations. When it comes to individual locations, have your customer invite location group or request access to one location. When it comes to location groups, have your customer invite you with the organisation ID.
  • Create user groups to allow your team members to access location groups.

If you already have locations in other Google accounts, you will have to migrate them to the organisation account. Thus, Google has released a new feature that makes things much simpler for marketers and SEOs.

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