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Google Launches New Home Services Ads within AdWords Express

By September 1, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Launches New Home Services Ads within AdWords Express 1


Google has announced new changes to its AdWords Express program. It has launched new Google Home Services Ads for the program. It is initially launched in beta in limited markets with the goal of connecting service providers with their target market. Google had launched the service initially for just plumbers and locksmiths, but now it has been extended to handymen and house cleaners as well.

It was only a few months ago that Google had launched the Home Services Ads in select markets, allowing local service providers to reach their buyers. The search giant will now be embracing even more types of services after this update.

What is AdWords Express?

AdWords Express is a program targeted at small businesses for reducing the complexity of managing ad campaigns. It will automatically manage keywords and placement of ads. Initially, it was named as Google Boost.

Non-website Users – Even those with who don’t have a website can use this service. The program will direct your buyers to your place page.

It has been designed keeping in mind the lack of technical knowhow of small and local service providers. Home Services Ads can be launched using the following steps:

  • Provide your contact info
  • Business URL
  • The industry (sector)

Google will then screen your application and relies on third party sources for conducting background checks. It can also refine the information on the profile page for best results.

How AdWords Express Works?

AdWords Express is simple to use and quick, and allows you to stand out with your service. Most people will conduct online search before visiting your site. Google Home Services Ads will help you in reaching out to them with ease and without a big budget.

You have to provide information about your business in just 3 lines. Once done, Google will create the ad and will display it to your target audience. The best thing about AdWords Express program is that you have to pay only for the results. You will pay only when the following conditions are met. When your prospects:

  • Visit your site or page
  • Make a call

The program allows you to make adjustments to budget at your convenience. Google AdWords elaborately explains how this program works.

There’s no need to meddle with keywords or maintain the account regularly. The program will display your ads to only those people who search for your products in your area. Besides, including a marker on Google Maps will further help your service stand out.

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