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Google Launches New Logo & Branding Across All Services

By September 3, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Launches New Logo & Branding Across All Services 1

Google has launched a new logo and the change is one of the most conspicuous ones over its entire history. The logo has already been updated across all its properties including Google+. Besides, the logo and branding has been updated across all devices and various types of inputs. Most notably, the old, small ‘g’ icon (blue) has been replaced with the new 4-colored “G”. It was only a month ago that the search engine underwent some big changes at the corporate level.

Google’s Official Announcement

Google has also made the announcement through its official blog. In its official announcement, Google said that the new changes and the elements will not only tell its users that they are using a Google property, they will also demonstrate how Google works. For example, the new Google mic will help in identifying and interacting with Google through voice, tap and typing.

According to Google, the focus behind the change was to take all the best in Google such as its user-friendliness, simplicity and uncluttered settings and recasting everything in a new form. It seems the search giant has done so without affecting its foundation.

Some of the main characteristics of the new changes are as following:

  • The logo has a new front – Sans-serif
  • It’s more fun and modern
  • The logo and branding has softer colours
  • There is a touch of resemblance to the search giant’s new parent company

Last Major Update

According to the video from the search giant that introduces the new logo, it has been evolving the wordmark since 1998. But a glance at the new logo does tell that this is the biggest change the company made since 1999. It was in 1999 that it introduced its 4 unique colours and changed the lettering. Google continued with frequent updates, generally flattening the wordmark.

The Google homepage displayed an animation with a hand wiping away the old logo and drawing the new one on the first day of the update. The new logo and the company name is claimed to work even better on the different screens across which people use Google’s services. According to the company, the need for change arose when it realised that its users were reaching its services on more number of mobile and desktop devices.

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