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Google Launches New Mobile Search UI

By April 14, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Launches New Mobile Search UI 1

Google had had been testing a new polished mobile UI for the last few months. It has eventually been launched this week. The tests were first reported by blogger Ruben Gomez last year. The new mobile search results page is more streamlined and loads faster. Google has announced the new mobile search results interface through its Google+ profile.

More Convenient UI

If you search for anything, you will be able to find information from Google Maps and Knowledge Graph below the search engine. Earlier it would display on the right side just like in Google’s desktop version.

The loading effects are better and can be seen through the entire search results. One noticeable change is how the logo gets hidden when you type the query and then reappears when the search results are displayed.

Refined Lite Version

Google has also launched a better lite version of its mobile search UI especially for those with slower connections. If you have a slower internet connection on your device, Google will now allow you to use a lite version of its mobile search interface.

Many times the data connection becomes slower because of the location and not because of the data plan. If you face such a situation now, Google will “downgrade” the search interface to the lite version so that the search results load faster.

Announcing this feature, the tech giant said that in order to ensure that its users don’t have to wait when they need the search function the most, the company has launched a “streamlined search results page.” It loads very fast on slow connections. It will provide all the information in a straightforward format that’s both convenient and elegant. Google has also clarified that there is no need to download anything. The mobile search interface will automatically switch to the lite version when it will detect a slower connection.

The new changes in mobile search interface comes at a time when Google has already announced that it is updating is search algorithm. It has included mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in its search algorithm, which will be going live on April 21, 2015. All these developments in Google’s mobile search department seem to be a direct indication to how important mobile has become for the search giant.

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