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Google Makes Changes to Desktop Search Design

By December 9, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The next time you search for anything in Google, you will see “Top Stories” in place of “In the News” title. The change has been made to desktop and it is expected that this is to move closer to its mobile version of search results. According to the search engine it is nothing more than an aesthetic change to its desktop search’s design. This will bring it closer to its mobile version. This is change comes right after Google introduced a new UI for its desktop version.

An Update without Algorithmic Changes

When Google was contacted about the update, the search engine didn’t respond to queries about any changes to the search algorithm. The only confirmation is that this update will move Google’s desktop search experience closer to its mobile version.

According to the search giant the update has been in the work for some time now. It is not more than a change to the title of the box. However, before this change came, changes were reported to the top stories algorithm.

This change was characterised by increased importance to more credible websites than earlier. This indicates that Google may be up to something, working against the ‘fake news’ sites which were being recently discussed after the elections across the Atlantic.

This indicates that there could be an algorithm update lurking in the background. Traditionally, Google has had a tradition of not making any announcements for its search algorithm updates.

New Desktop Search UI

Just weeks ago Google began rolling out changes to the desktop search user interface. The new design update is still rolling out across the world and may not have reached many regions. Even the new desktop UI design has looks close to its mobile UI. This update was also in the tests for some time before being released.

Because Google has not made any official announcement about the latest update, it is not know how long it will take for it to reach everyone. It has been noticed across many desktop operating systems and browsers so far.

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