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Google Maps for iOS Receives Major Update: Comes at Par with Android Version

By December 22, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has upgraded its Maps for iOS app by adding several new features including offline navigation, store busy times and gas prices amongst others. Most of these features are already available to Google Maps users on Android.

Offline Navigation

Offline navigation is considered to be the most important update to Google Maps for iOS. It is now possible to hold onto a section of Maps and save it on your device so that it can be accessed later. Now you can download the desired areas on the map. You can download them by searching for country, city or county. A ‘download’ button is provided to complete the process. When the area is downloaded, Google Maps would enter offline mode whenever it identifies that you are in an area with poor or not internet connectivity. It will return to online mode when a connection is detected.

But downloaded maps will not have anything that is not related to your travel in your own vehicle. This includes:

  • Transit info
  • Biking directions
  • Walking directions

It is likely that Google may allow downloading them in the future.

Comparing Gas Prices

Google Maps for iOS Receives Major Update: Comes at Par with Android Version 1

Store Busy Times


Google Maps for iOS Receives Major Update: Comes at Par with Android Version 2

Another new addition to Google Maps for iOS is the store busy times feature. As you can now know when stores are busy, you can choose the right time to visit. This info is provided in graphical form. The info is collected according to the daily foot traffic received at the store. The data is aggregated from all Google users who have chosen to share their location data.

With this update, iOS has come closer to Google Maps’ Android version. All these features are already available on Google Maps. But you will have to update it from the App Store. This was perhaps a crucial update for Google considering that Apple Maps was more popular on iPhone. In fact, 3 times more people used Apple Maps than Google Maps. Apple gets over 5 billion weekly requests related to maps.

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