Google Maps has received new features for both iOS and Android platforms. The search giant has announced the features at this year’s Google I/O. A better Explore tab is accompanied by entirely new features like Group Planning, For You, and Your Match. The new features are expected to benefit everyone including businesses. What is even more interesting is that Google is also including Augmented Reality to Google Maps to simplify it for users to search for places and businesses.

So what do the new features have to offer?

Explore Tab

The Explore tab has been revamped. It focuses on the ‘nearby’ and ‘new and interesting’ elements on Google Maps, including:

  • Events
  • Dining venues
  • Activities

Your Match

Your Match is a unique feature that lets users know whether they are going to like a place or not. It gives users a list of reasons to support its point.

When someone clicks on a place, Google uses machine learning to list a series of information about the place. The information is generated in the form of a ranking number that takes certain factors into account. It keeps learning from user reviews and ratings to come up with the score and suggestions.

For You

This feature studies the places you follow and makes suggestions based on it. For example, if you follow a dining spot, Google Maps will suggest places whenever you go out based on the qualities of that dining spot.

Augmented Reality

No matter how useful Google Maps has been, finding directions on a city street could still be confusing at times. The difficulties can be more pronounced in a new area. Google is addressing this problem by integrating Augmented Reality into its successful navigation product.

AR will now be used for overlaying walking instructions, supported by animations. It will rely on your smartphone’s camera to get real-time feed. The phone’s display will show the map and live stream from the camera. And an arrow will indicate the direction you should take.

The new list of features is set to improve the Google Maps experience. Businesses will also be able to benefit from this update by making it easier for their target audience (including site visitors) to find them. For example, Affinity Events has already included Google Maps into its ‘contact us’ section. And when Google’s new features roll out fully, it will become much easier for consumers to find any business or spot.

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