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Google is always busy working on new changes, either in the form of major or minor search algorithm updates or interface changes. The latest changes are being tested in the form of new design for search results, both organic and paid (in mobile). Some of the noticeable changes come in the form of URL appearing at the top of search cards, organic search cards getting more colour addition, and fewer ads all around. It will be worthwhile waiting to experience the new changes.

Major Changes

Some of the key changes noticed in the latest update include the following:

  • Usually, you would see around 4 ads at the top of the page. The new changes have reduced the number of ads to just two.
  • The bottom of the search results page used to have 3 ads. This has been replaced with just one ad.
  • There is rearrangement of URLs and titles within search cards (both paid and organic).
  • Aesthetic coloured dots have been included at the top right hand corner within organic search cards.

However, Related Searches section has not been tweaked by Google. With reduced ads, it is expected that advertisers will be able to get access to more attention without much competition – something that can help boost their ROI.

Additional Changes

Google has been spending a lot of time and resources in updating its Google app and mobile search results pages. A colourless user interface, where the page title and URL can be inverted, has also been noticed in the tests.

There have been a few tests in the recent past when colourless elements were tested with the 4 dots. The latest test is elegant and brings together all these different elements. The earlier round card atop another round card has also been changed.

The earlier green colour has been replaced with a subtler purple blue. The results cards have rounded corners and the URL and page title have been inverted.

The new test results show the page titles in blue, which are easy to notice. The overall layout has a more contemporary look and matches better with the recent colour changes within Google search. The colourless layout seen a month ago looked bland. It is not clear what the purpose of the 4 dots is, but we expect to find out when the new changes are released fully.

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