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Google Mobilegeddon is Still Rolling Out after a Week of the Deadline

By May 13, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Mobilegeddon is Still Rolling Out after a Week of the Deadline 1

Google recently rolled out is mobile-friendly search algorithm. Last month we updated you with Google’s announcement and the date for the update. More than a week after this major update, it seems Google is still busy rolling it out. Most of the webmasters surveyed by different agencies have said that they haven’t seen any impact.

The Mobilegeddon

Google may not have given any official name to its latest update, but the web is already calling it the ‘Mobilegeddon.’ It appears that it will take at least a week more for the search engine to finish the roll out. Google had confirmed last week that the new update had started rolling out.

It is expected that the new update is going to affect more websites than what Panda and Penguin algorithms did. Webmasters seem not to be as concerned a week after the roll out as they were a week before April 21. According to the search engine, around 4.7% of websites have gone mobile friendly after the deadline for the update.

Short-term Findings

SearchMetrics released an early list of winners and losers of the search algorithm update. The top 5 winners in the list included,,, and The top 5 losers included the list of some more popular domains including,,, and

Mobile Optimisation Tips

The fact that the roll out is not yet complete means that you still have time to optimise your website or blog to get ahead of the curve. Some of the most useful ways include the following:

  • Create and maintain unique meta descriptions
  • Integrate crucial and appropriate keywords in the content
  • Format all the headings according to SEO guidelines
  • Optimise all images and tags

Create Clear yet Concise Titles

When it comes to the mobile format, titles can be even more important than the desktop version. Because there is limited space, you should catch the attention of your audience immediately.

Shorter Paragraphs

Another valuable tip to optimise for the mobile is to create shorter paragraphs that could be easily read on the smaller screens. An even better strategy could be to use bullets and lists.

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