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Google Offers Highly Technical Medical Data in Search Results

By March 13, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Offers Highly Technical Medical Data in Search Results 1

Google has recently added highly technical medical data to its search results. If you search for any common health condition, you will be able to get high-value results including the symptoms, the treatments and the prevalence of the condition. You will also learn whether the condition is critical or not.

Main Features

Some of the main features of Google’s new medical information feature include:

  • All the medical facts provide are already checked by medical specialists.
  • The feature is based on self diagnosis. The search engine claims that users shouldn’t take it for professional advice or prescription.
  • Most of the information is about symptoms and treatments and the associated facts about the health condition.

Google added this new feature because more than 5% of its search queries were related to health-based information.

The Underlying Research

The new medical information feature was first rolled out on Android, followed by iOS devices and desktop. Google employed a number of doctors to create the knowledge base. The eventual Knowledge Graph is capable of answering all types of medical questions. In some cases the information may not be complete, but it does make it simpler for doing more research. It will also equip the searchers with more information to talk to their doctors.

It is not going to replace direct consultation and diagnosis, but Google felt completed to create this unique feature because of the growing number of medical search queries. This was an attempt to deliver more relevant and useful information.

How the Industry Reacted

According to competitors and the industry critics, Google has done nothing more than standardizing a normal function that it has had been offering for a long time. An increasing number of tech businesses are showing interest in dealing in medical data. This along with the growing search volume is the reason why the search giant has strengthened this feature.

Apple already has an app, HealthKit, which is much more advanced than Google’s medical information, especially because of its partnerships with more medical establishments. But Google is miles ahead in terms of the volume of searches. The new feature will enable it to answer queries more specifically for anything ranging from tonsillitis to skin diseases to cancer.

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