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Google has begun releasing the new features of Google Photos that it announced a few weeks ago. Just a month ago, the search engine had announced that its photo storing and sharing service had reached 500 million users. The service allows users to store unlimited photos and videos for free. It allows high-resolution picture quality. A photo ‘sharing’ tab is one of the new features introduced in the latest updates.

Photo Sharing

There is a new ‘sharing’ tab within the app that lets you share your photos in a variety of ways. It can now also make suggestions about the photos that you would want to share and with whom.

Google Photos uses facial recognition at the core of this algorithm. If it finds you sharing photos of a person (email address) on a regular basis, it can come up with a sharing suggestion. This tab also shows a feed of the albums and photos shared with you.

Automatic Sharing: This is a major update that allows Google Photos to share pictures, automatically. You could use it to share some of your pictures automatically with a specific friend or family member.

Artificial Intelligence Based Sharing

The Suggested Sharing feature is based on Google’s AI systems. According to the search giant, these new updates will help Google Photos deliver a better social experience. All tech companies have been busy finding ways to allow users to share the pictures they capture on their mobile devices.

Earlier Technologies

  • Flock used location to connect different groups of photos
  • Cluster and Bundle attempted grouping photos into albums to make it easier to share them
  • Other services created algorithms based on texting to improve photo sharing

Google and Facebook have however been able to get more traction from their AI and facial recognition based technologies. Having access to large user base (and user data) also helped them create technology solutions that were more effective.

Facebook has also developed a similar app known as Moments. It has a facial recognition system that recognises people in the photos, bunches them into albums, and asks you whether you want to share the photos. Moments was initially released in non-European markets, but last year it was also made available to European users.

Suggested Sharing in Google Photos will now prompt you to share your photos by creating an alert in your mobile device. It also considers the location where the photos are taken before organising them. You are also allowed to edit the selected album before sharing with suggested people.

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