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How Has the Google Possum Update Affected Search Results?

By November 4, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

There has been a major Google update recently and it has affected local search results and maps at different levels. The Possum update has made an impact on local/maps search results and is believed not to have touched the organic results. The unique thing about this recent algorithm update is that its effects couldn’t be tracked by even the major SERP trackers.

What is the Possum Update?

The Possum algorithm update has brought changes to local search. It seems to help with positive results for both local users and businesses. This update has increased the emphasis on user location, thus helping deliver more accurate results.

It is also a sign that the filters for both local and organic search have also improved significantly. This update also indicates that these two filters are increasingly working independent of each other.


When the changes made by the new update were tracked, the following findings were made.

  • Keywords were found to have businesses appear in Local Finder. These businesses were not present in the Local Finder previously.
  • Some keywords showed that businesses improved their position by at least 3 positions, while others showed improvement in position by 1-2 positions.
  • Majority of the keywords showed there were no changes in position for businesses.
  • Some keywords also showed position of businesses drop in rankings.

The reports showed that around two-third of keywords experienced some kind of changes.

The massive levels at which the changes have taken place has been a noticeable difference made by the Possum update. Almost a third of the keywords tested had major changes. Such a major change refers to businesses changing by at least 3 position compared to the previous results. This included businesses that weren’t even listed within the top 3 pages in Local Finder.

What Should You Do?

The full impact of the Possum update has not yet been realised. The best thing you can do right now is to analyse the changes that may have occurred to your keywords and positions. You should determine the Local Ranking Factors that were impacted by this algorithm update.

The unique thing about Google’s algorithm is that it has increasingly become more complicated. With every new update it has become even more difficult for business owners to get an accurate grasp of the new changes or at least be certain of what changes have taken place. This is why it has become more important to get the help of experienced SEO specialists.

If you want to find out how Google’s Possum update may have affected your SEO campaigns, you should get professional help. Visit for more information and to find the right professionals to help you.