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Google released rich cards in the United States just a year ago. The search engine has now announced that the feature will be expanded worldwide. Instead of making a new announcement, the company has updated the original announcement related to the introduction of the feature almost a year ago.

The first time Google launched rich cards, it was available in the U.S. for websites related to recipes and movies. It gradually expanded the features by reaching out to more types of sites and more areas. The expansion was focused only to English search results in other geographic areas. It is now available globally. If you run a search now, you will be able to see rich cards in SERPs across the world.

What is Rich Cards?

‘Rich cards’ allows website owners to display previews of content within search results. Now that it is available globally, all site owners can create rich cards for Google Search.

Rich cards allows you to draw more targeted users to your webpage. The feature also supports the new AMP format. Create AMP webpages and your users could swipe instantly between pages.

Rich cards are considered as an expansion of rich snippets from Google. They however take things further. Search results will now have richer and deeper details, which will depend on the site’s markup.

Now users in the UK can search for recipes and swipe through the results from relevant sites. Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages means a much faster user experience than ever before.

Google Announcement

Google announced the launch of rich cards in the U.S. back in May 2016. The announcement was made through a blog post. Recently, the search giant announced the global expansion of the feature in the same post. In fact, the announcement was made more than a week ago and it was only recently discovered. The announcement was made in a new section within the blog post.

It is rare to see Google making an official announcement of the changes it makes to its search algorithm/search results. Even this time the search engine maintained a discreet approach to the announcement by subtly updating the old blog post.

It was one Twitter user who noticed the update and informed it through his Twitter handle. It is expected that the search engine will be making a separate official announcement.

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