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Google Records Highest Ever Search Query Volume in the US

By October 20, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Records Highest Ever Search Query Volume in the US 1

According to the latest report by ComScore, Google’s share in search rankings continues to maintain its superiority in the US. In fact, there has been a tiny growth of 0.1% over the market share in August. Similarly, Bing has also shown a growth by the same margin. At the same time Google has claimed that the company has experienced the highest ever search volume in its history.

Growth in Search Query Volume

According to ComScore’s report, Google’s desktop search query volume has increased by 1% to a staggering 11.4 billion searches. Similarly, Bing’s search desktop query volume has grown by 2% over the last year same month. Yahoo’s volume has continued to maintain the same volume.

ComScore has however not reported anything about the top search engines’ mobile search volume. But Google has made some claims related to its mobile search growth. According to the search giant, it has recorded larger volume of mobile search queries than its desktop search queries. If Google is to be believed, its mobile search volume is at least higher than 11.4 billion in the US.

Desktop Search Market Share

In terms of explicit core search, Google Sites maintained the lead in the US market with a share of 63.9%. This was 0.1% higher than August. Microsoft Sites had a share of 20.7% while Yahoo Sites held around 12.6% of the search market share. Ask Network and AOL accounted for 1.7% and 1.2% respectively.

Overall, 17.8 billion explicit core searches took place within the US last month. Google accounted for 11.4 billion searches, followed by 3.7 billion by Microsoft (Bing), and 2.2 billion by Yahoo. All these three search engines recorded growth in their volumes.

Mobile Market Share

According to StatCounter, another global web stats reporting agency, Google dominates the US mobile market share with 88.3% percent. Yahoo receives around 6.8% mobile search queries and Bing around 4.2%.

Google Records Highest Ever Search Query Volume in the US 2


The agencies are yet to release the search volume reports for the UK market. With mobile search taking over desktop search in the US, the same results are expected here. With the mobile search market growing to become larger than its desktop counterpart, it is time businesses took mobile SEO more importantly. You must start by optimising your website for mobile.

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