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Has Google Released a Major Algorithm Update?

By February 15, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has apparently updated its search algorithm, without any intimation (just like every time), and has left marketers and webmasters perplexed where and what has changed. The changes have been noticed by many SEOs and reported. It is claimed that the changes took place around February 7. Google has had already released another link algorithm update at the start of this month (again not confirmed by the search giant). And it is expected that the current update is not related to it. All the signs of this current update indicate that it is closely related to Google Panda. This is because it seems to be based more on site quality and content than on link factors.

Google’s Response

Google has not responded to questions about the latest algorithm update. Both webmasters and online marketers have noticed significant changes in rankings, web traffic, and ranking reports. All the leading automated tracking tools available in the market have provided enough evidence that an algorithm update has taken place. Many webmasters have shared screenshots of the changes in their visibility and traffic. There have been major movements in several niches.

Changes in Keyword Performance

Many marketers/webmasters have reported significant changes in their daily keyword performance reports. In some cases, the primary keyword has fallen from the top to the 8th page before returning to its initial position. It could also be a sign that Google is testing some algorithm.

Many have reported a surge in traffic from Google. Some sites have experienced significant increase in their traffic from Monday (compared to the previous week). At the same time, some have noticed drop in traffic by almost 50%.

Most reports show that the sites that have been hit mostly are on the 1st and 2nd page. Overall, many have noticed positive results while others noticed declines. Everyone is waiting for Google to come out with its official release as to what kind of algorithm update has been released.

Connections with Google Panda

Google Panda affected the search rankings of poor-quality sites. It helped higher-quality sites improve their rankings. All the signs noticed so far indicate that this current update is closely related to Panda.

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