Google Releases Core Search Algorithm Updates: Why it’s more important to Focus on Quality Content? - The Search Marketing Shop

Google has confirmed that it has released an update to its core search ranking algorithm. This is perhaps the first time that the search giant has made an official announcement as such. The update has affected both the search rankings and looks of certain percentage of websites in search results. It is expected that websites with high-quality and relevant content, responsive design, and optimised design have not been affected.

An Annual Search Algorithm Update

According to Google’s official announcement, it releases these updates many times a year. Some websites can rise in search rankings and others may notice drops. The search engine also said that the new update may rank pages high that may not have been rewarded well during past updates.

Key SEO Elements to Focus On

While Google keeps releasing such core updates every now and then, it is important for you to ensure that your webpages are optimised using ethical SEO strategies. Properly optimised pages are meant to be rewarded eventually.

There are two main pillars to ensuring that you make the most of these updates and are not at the other end of the stick.

Create High-Quality Content

High-quality content that is relevant to your topic is among the most important ranking factors for Google and other search engines. In fact, search engines will not be able to rank a page in search results if it doesn’t contain content.

Here is a website of an events company that has leveraged the power of rich content by creating pages that offer topic-based, relevant, and well-written copies. It is equally important to optimise that quality content with the right keywords. The pages should also be optimised with the right Meta data.

Some of the other areas to address include:

  • Identify thin content and make sure it is fixed
  • Enhance topical authority within your niche
  • Cover minimum number of topics in detail on each webpage

Responsive Design

It is believed that responsive design is an integral factor in Google’s core algorithm. After the mobilegeddon update, you cannot imagine your website ranking high without making sure that it has responsive design. All the top 100 visible websites in Google have been found to be mobile friendly. So you can only imagine where your website is likely to rank if you miss on this SEO strategy.

So as Google releases its core algorithm update and announces that it will continue to do so several times throughout the year, it is important to optimise your website using the right strategies. For more information about SEO, visit Here you can get insights into the best SEO strategies and also seek support from experienced online marketers.