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Google Releases Gmail App Update with New Features

By April 3, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Releases Gmail App Update with New Features 1

Google has released a new version of Gmail app for Android. The new app allows Android users to get access to all their webmail accounts from one place. The Gmail app already allows you to add Yahoo! and other email accounts, but the new feature will allow viewing all the different inboxes in a single stream. There are many more new features to the new app.

A Single Inbox

The new Gmail app eliminates the need to log into different email accounts. You could access all your emails from the same inbox. Even if you’ve had set different inboxes in Gmail for your different accounts – Yahoo! IMAP/POP and, now the messages will be well organised as single conversation. In other words, the conversation will be stacked up just like in Gmail.

Traditionally, you had to do a lot of tapping around to move back and forth between different mail accounts – even when you had set all the accounts in Gmail. There were many third-party email management services that could easily organise all the emails in a unified inbox, Gmail had this limitation. But now you can view all he emails by tapping on Menu and All Inboxes.

Auto Complete Search

The new Gmail app has a smarter search. A new auto-complete feature allows you to search faster. There is no longer any need to type the entire word.

Some of the other main notable features in the new app include the following:

  • Large-sized preview of the attachments
  • Save to Google Drive with one tap
  • Making attachments from the Google Drive
  • Appealing animations for smoother conversation expansion and closing

Most of the new updates are available only for Android devices. The update has already started rolling out on the Play Store.

Gmail is one of the most successful products from Google. It has hundreds of millions of users worldwide and still growing. A single Gmail account automatically gives users access to almost all of its products. It is expected that some of the latest features will also flow over to its web version.

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