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Google Releases Highly Awaited Guide for AdWords

By February 25, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Releases Highly Awaited Guide for AdWords 1

Google AdWords is one of the most effective online marketing strategies for your business. Despite that AdWords can be a complex strategy for business owners and managers who don’t have much experience in online marketing. Google is constantly updating it, which makes things even more complex. But the search giant has now released a guide, Google Best Practices series, which will simplify the tool for advertisers and business owners.

Help Section Update

Google has updated its Help Section in AdWords by introducing the guide series. It explains how to use the powerful tool and its products. It provides details on everything from understanding the analytics tools to optimising keywords.

Timeline Tool for Updates

Google has also introduced a new timeline tool that will keep you updated with the regular updates. It displays the following information:

  • The latest features added to AdWords
  • Latest changes to  guidelines and policies
  • Briefly describe the latest products and features with links

All the information is provided in a chronological order. It’s a big help for all the advertisers who have been referring multiple sources for the latest updates to the program.

It will also come as a help for those who find it overwhelming to deal with the regular stream of updates. Google updated the AdWords over 200 times last year. If the updates are all available in the same place in chronological order, this will make things easier for advertisers.

The Google Best Practices Series

The AdWords guidebook will help you make the most of the tool for effective paid search. The “Best Practices” series has been in developed for some time, with speculations that it could be released anytime. The Best Practices Series develops strategic tips on core SEM strategies. Google developed the program to help its customers get the most out of AdWords.

After the new guide release, it is expected that more business owners and managers will be able to take control over their AdWords program, at least in some time. It will however certainly make things simpler for everyone to understand.

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