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Google iOS’s latest update emphasises the evergreen importance of content. It is also an effort from the search giant to keep more of its users on its search machine. Now you will be able to see an expandable carousal at the end of the page that shows related content and stories. The update is rolling out in select regions and is expected to take some time before reaching all users.

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You will be able to see an expandable carousal at the bottom of the page. If you tap on a tile, it will open in a new page. Currently, the feature is available in English and is expected to launch in other languages too. Existing Google iOS users will have to update their app to the latest version. The feature will recommend content based on what you are already reading.

How Does the Feature Work?

When you are checking webpage on the Google iOS app, you can swipe up and see more content at the bottom. The articles and content can be seen alongside the bottom bar that was available for running a new search. There will be no need to do additional search because content related to the current page will already be visible.

The new feature makes it easier and faster to find relevant information. It is available only within the Google app and not in Safari. This is part of Google’s efforts to enhance user personalisation within its app. Recently, it has had also released a news feed feature that is relevant to your search history. The content is displayed at the bottom of the page in the form of tiles or cards.

Benefits to Google

With this new feature Google will be able to keep more of its iOS app users on the app. When users are able to find all the required information within the app, there will be no need to use Apple’s default browser. This will further emphasise the importance of content.

Currently, the new feature is available to users in the US. It is expected to be released in Europe and other markets. Google has announced that Google iOS users in other countries will also be able to access this feature in the near future.

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