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Google Releases Major Updates to Product Listing Ads

By July 16, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has released a number of updates to its Shopping Campaigns in the last week. This also includes a fresher look to the generic product queries. The search engine has released some big changes to PLAs for wider product queries. The fresh Showcase Shopping Ads allows users to see products from both online and local merchants. This is different from earlier when users could see only individual products.

Broader Queries for Shopping Ads

This is a major update from Google. There’s a fresher ad format for larger, non-brand-based product searches. According to the search giant, almost 40% of product queries are made for such broader terms.

Before this update, users would either get now product listing ads on such broader queries or only individual products in results. But now users will be able to see the new “Showcase Shopping Ads” with the following features:

  • There will be a primary image plus 2 smaller side images based on the product
  • The bottom space displays distance from Local Inventory or promotional message
  • When a user clicks on the ad, they are redirected to a Google-hosted landing page that has the seller products

Advertisers will not be paying for the clicks made on the search results. They will be charged only when users click on the products displayed on the landing which direct to their site.

According to Google it has not yet developed a performance metrics for this new format.

Who Will Be Affected?

Showcase Shopping Ads is going to affect everyone who runs Shopping Campaigns in the UK, US and Australia. Google said that a premium version is also being tested. It will allow sellers to make custom changes to the following:

  • Products
  • Brand
  • Landing page

Another new update is that there’ll be an increase branding opportunities in TrueView product ads. Google has announced 2 new features:

  • Companion Banner – It has a group of products users can scroll through when watching the video.
  • Product Picker – Advertisers can use it for choosing and prioritising products for showing in the TrueView campaigns. This will allow advertisers to make a choice which products to show instead of Google making that decision.

The TrueView update is going live at the global level.

Another new update to product ads is the availability of a new tool that allows global sellers. It allows automatic conversion of currency. Users will be able to see the price of the product both at their own location and at the location of the seller. So, British shoppers will be able to see products from US merchants in pounds.

With these latest changes, it’s time to take advantage of Shopping Campaigns update. For more information and help, it is recommended to visit