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Google Releases New Changes in Mobile UI for Recipe Searches

By January 4, 2017 No Comments

Google has introduced a new mobile UI for recipe search, and it is well timed for the New Year. A simple search for a recipe in your mobile phone can provide you a long list of keywords. Choose multiple keywords to refine your search result. The latest development is another indication as to how Google is working to make it easier for its searchers to use.

Improved Search Engine Experience

Google has released a series of updates in the last few months to improve user experience. The focus has been on providing more information and making it easier to find the required information. One such move was to make the shopping experience easier. In the latest such update, the search giant has added a new feature to refine searches made for recipes.

The new mobile UI for recipe searches was first spotted by a blogger, who posted the screenshots online. The earlier UI used to display recipes against your search for food, but the new one also delivers suggestions for search. This can help you in refining your search. Tap on a suggestion and the search engine will display a long list of relevant recipes. Some of the main features of list include:

  • Larger thumbnails
  • Larger cards
  • More elaborate descriptions

These features were not present earlier. You can also get the similar carousel by tapping the option called ‘View All’ provided on the top right side of the search.

Benefits of New Changes

Some of the benefits and features of this new mobile UI are as following:

  • The older search result for foods used to display a small preview for the list of recipes.
  • The suggested keywords help you find precisely the recipe you are looking for.
  • The new UI also provides additional options.
  • Google’s goal seems to be to provide more information within the search engine to keep its users on the page.

Currently, the new UI changes can be seen only on mobile. It is expected that it will also be extended to Google’s desktop version. The mobile UI changes are also still rolling out across different countries. While can be seen in some countries, it has not reached in many other areas yet.

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