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Google Releases New Feature: Now Compare Queries in Google Search Analytics in Detail

By June 17, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google now allows users to compare search phrases within Google Search Analytics report. The functionality is now available within the Google Search Console. Just like its traditional practice, the search giant has added the new option silently without making any big announcement.

Currently, Google Search Analytics allows comparison only between 2 queries. The “Compare queries” filter now allows comparison of one query against another.

How to Use the Option?

Use the following steps to access this option:

  • Log into your Google Search Console account
  • Click on Search Analytics
  • Click on Queries section
  • Choose the “Compare queries” option

Once the “Compare queries” window opens, enter the search phrases that need to be compared. You can also analyse the different statistics associated with the queries.

Interestingly, Google made no announcement and it was a London-based strategist who spotted the new feature. He shared his finding on Twitter before the news went viral.

What Does the Feature Do?

The two search queries can be either short or long-tail queries. However, it seems that the feature doesn’t support wildcards and broad match type keywords. It seems to be simple and Google may develop it further in the near future. Currently you can include only exact keywords or keyphrases that need to be compared.

The two queries will be compared on the basis of the following factors:

  • Countries
  • Pages
  • Dates
  • Devices
  • Search appearance
  • Search type


This is valuable data that provides you in-depth insights around your keywords. It can be of great use to website owners when they notice changes in their bounce rates or conversion rates.

It is a helpful addition to Google Search Analytics. It will provide website owners more details and insights into their statistics. It will also eliminate the need for using third party tools. Keyword data can be broken down on a day to day basis. Even date ranges can be compared to check the performance of keywords from one month to another.

The tool is already live on almost everyone’s Search Analytics’ account.

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