‘Google Questions and Answers’ has great potential for promoting your business. Google has now made the product available for Android users on Google Maps. You will now be able to answer the questions asked by potential customers using their Android phones.

Initially, the feature will be released to a select number of businesses which are already using Google Maps on Android. The Q&A’s will be visible to all those users who are able to view your listings in Google Maps.

Key Features

The key features of the new addition which can be beneficial for your business are as following:

  • You can add frequently asked Google questions and answers that can be accessed in their listings
  • Question and answers can be ‘thumbed up’ (by both users and businesses)
  • Push notifications are now allowed when a user answers other’s questions or posts a question themselves

According to Google, initially the feature will be visible for a business own listings. After a few days, businesses will also be able to view other’s listings. The feature will be released at a wider level in the next few weeks. This will allow everyone to ask and answer questions against other’s listings.

The feature will be restricted to Android users only. There are no announcements regarding a launch for iOS or web users.

Comparison to Travel Sites

The question and answer feature has many similarities to the leading travel sites. Expedia and TripAdvisor are excellent examples for comparison. Imagine your potential customers asking questions by submitting them and you are able to respond to them. You will also be able to add frequently asked question to your Google Maps listing.

Whenever someone posts a new question, you will be able to get a push notification. So you will be able to respond to questions instantly. The more the number of up-votes a question gets, the higher it rises in the Q&As. If you are able to take advantage of the feature early, you can add question and answers before it goes live in the next few weeks. Thus, there is an excellent opportunity for early beginners. However, the feature is likely to be benefit businesses and potential users well in the future.

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