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Google Releases ‘Reviews from the Web’ Update in Local Search

By September 14, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has released another update to search by introducing “reviews from the web.” With businesses in the focus, the new feature will carry reviews from 3rd party sites too. The reviews will be displayed without the need for logging into other sites. Whenever someone searches for anything on locations, they will see the reviews within the local knowledge panels.

Google’s Announcement

In its official blog, Google announced that the new “Reviews from the Web” feature is coming to both desktop and mobile search. It will be delivering aggregated user ratings from maximum 3 review sites. The feature will curate the following:

  • Aggregate user ratings
  • Best-of places catalogues
  • Critic reviews

The last two of these features were introduced only last month by Google. According to the search engine, initially the number of review sources will be limited to 3. They will be ordered based on relevance. The reviews will be visible across most business verticals, thus making it important for businesses to focus on their critic reviews.

From the user perspective, this feature will help them learn more about a business without the need to visit another site. This will save time and effort. It is expected that the new feature will further increase the importance of critic reviews in the overall SEO picture.

Desktop searchers can see “Reviews from the Web” within the Knowledge Panel. Mobile users can see it above critic reviews in the form of horizontal presentation.

Review Sources

Currently Google has its own reviews. But with the new feature being released, there will be up to 3 review sources. This includes:

  • Google’s own reviews
  • Critic reviews
  • 3rd party reviews

Google claims that the new feature will help deliver more useful content related to places for local searchers.

Benefits for Local Businesses

If your business has user-generated reviews on different sites, this feature can be beneficial for you. Search results will also display the aggregate ratings. It will be required to meet certain criteria and allow review snippets. Make sure to use Schema markup for reviews to be included for this new feature.

With this new feature included within Google local search, SEO has evolved further. Do you want to boost your search engine rankings and make the most of the latest Google updates? It is recommended to visit for more information and to get help from the experts.