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Google Releases a Small Algorithm Update: Focus on Content Quality & Relevance

By October 4, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

If you have noticed any changes to your search ranking or web traffic the past week, it means that your website has been affected by a small Google ranking algorithm update. Interestingly, Google has confirmed that it has released this ‘small’ update. The search giant made the announcement through Twitter, claiming that it wasn’t a major update. This is just another update after an earlier one that was reported a month ago.

An Update at a Smaller Scale

According to Google, it keeps releasing search ranking algorithm updates on a regular basis. These updates help maintain the usefulness and relevance of the search results. The latest update is on a smaller scale because it has impacted a smaller percentage of websites. The search giant hasn’t revealed what percentage and types of websites have been affected.

What Should Website Owners Do?

If your search rankings haven’t been affected and there is no change in your web traffic, there is no need to do anything. If you noticed any decline in your rankings or traffic, you are required to follow the previous recommendations from Google – to keep improving your website, with a focus on user experience.

According to Google, if a website notices changes, it doesn’t usually mean that something is wrong with the website. It means that the algorithm is benefiting sites that were not fully-rewarded in previous updates. If your site is affected, the only solution is to continue creating quality content. And it is only this continuous effort that can help your pages rank above the competition.

August Algorithm Update

The last time Google released an update, it was in August. The search giant suggested website owners to create more relevant content to recover their rankings or traffic. The focus was mostly on the relevance of the content. So you should check the content that has been affected and take steps to make it more relevant. It is important to research the search queries that you are targeting and update your content to be relevant to it.

It can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the latest updates from Google. The simplest and most effective thing to do is to keep improving the relevance and quality of your content. This is an ongoing process that also requires you to keep researching the queries you are targeting.

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