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Google Releases Store Visits Metric in AdWords

By January 22, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google Releases Store Visits Metric in AdWords 1

Google has launched Store Visits Metric in Google AdWords. It is claimed to help you find the online to offline conversions. Earlier it wasn’t possible to connect clicks on search ads to in-store traffic. The new metric will is added to Estimated Total Conversions.

Benefits for Retailers & Marketers

Store Visits will help you in understanding the effect of your search ads on generating foot traffic in your retail stores. Marketers will now be able to demonstrate how their online campaigns generate more ROI than what was apparent earlier.

How Store Visits Works

Google Releases Store Visits Metric in AdWords 2

Store visits are determined based on the proximity of users to the location of the advertiser on Google Maps. This is however possible only in the case of those users with Location History activated on their smart phone. Google uses combined and anonymised user data to come to the estimates. The estimates are drawn based on the visits to the store within the last 1 month of the ad click.

The new metric is based on search ad clicks on all types of devices – from smartphones to desktops. It also draws on different types of campaigns including:

  • Local inventory ads
  • Product listing ads

If you want to collect your store visit information, you will have to verify your business locations and link them with your campaigns. The new metric reports at the campaign level. You will have to break your campaigns by store location or region; otherwise, the Store Visit estimates will not display store/region-wise.

It is important to understand that the new metric estimates only the visits to your store and not the sales. Google is working on that part as well.

How to Use Store Visits

Google Releases Store Visits Metric in AdWords 3

Google explained the new feature by citing the example of Office Depot. The office-equipment supplier has about 2,000 retail shops in the U.S. The company uses insights from Store Visits to identify the products that drive people to visit their retail locations. This information helps them in determining the products to use in their local ads. This will help potential buyers if the product they need is available in the nearest store.

The new metric by Google AdWords can help with your retail business planning. Better online-to-offline estimates can help you focus more on the better-selling products. Do you need more information about running a successful AdWords campaign? It is recommended to visit for more useful information.