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Google Releases Version 3 Update for Google My Business API

By May 10, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

If you check the Google My Business API (GMB API), you will see the version 3.0 within the changelog. It can also be seen on the new features page. Interestingly, Google has not made any official announcement about the release. Businesses have been using the API effectively for automating the management of their business listings. It was first launched by the search engine back in December 2015.

What is New in Google My Business API?

According to Google, the v3.0 of Google My Business brings new functionality to allow you to manage locations at scale. It will now be possible to both read and respond to reviews. You can also give extra attributes to locations.

For example, restaurants can now give additional attributes like whether they accept reservations, offer outdoor seats or serve brunch.

Now third-party solution users can respond to reviews from within their dashboards. This can help simplifying engagement while also making it more efficient.

There are wider range of customer reviews than what was available with earlier APIs from Google. Your business will be able to get more comprehensive coverage of the feedbacks from customers. In other words, there is now larger opportunity for brands to local managers.

More Changes in GMB API v3.0

Some of the main changes you will notice in GMB API v3.0 are as following:

  • You can now find and link existing maps locations with the location of your business.
  • There are new search features including is_duplicate, is_suspended, and any_google_updates.
  • You can now transfer location from one account to another.
  • Now you can update photos only for locations having Google+ page.
  • You can also choose the photo which you prefer showing first in Google Search and Maps.
  • There are new location states – needs_reverification and is_verified.
  • There is extra, category-specific information related to locations.
  • GMB API v3.0 accepts photo URLs without the need for image format suffix.

If you are a multi-location brand, there are more opportunities for you in GMB v3.0. You can now more easily boost your local search rankings with the help of Attributes. On the other hand, you can also give a big boost to customer experience with better Reviews.

It is apparent that this is just the start and there are more features in the pipeline this year. New version releases will help in further increasing the importance of Google My Business for multi-location brands.

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