Google Removes Location Filter from Search 1

Google has been trying to trim down its search experience. This time it has silently dropped the location filter. You can no longer filter your search results based on your location. Until a few days ago, you could set your location from “Search Tools”. You could have received search results in a way that you were located in that place.

Uses of Location Feature

The filter was extensively used by webmasters and online marketers to learn how their searchers were looking at search results in different locations. The feature also benefited you if you were on the road. For example, if you going to France from the UK, you could get France targeted results even before you reached there.

Removal of Feature

Google has not made any official statement, which is typical of most of its changes. But there are complaints propping up across forums and social sites. The search engine has also failed to respond to any queries about the change.

It can also be expected that this is a temporary change and the filter may return within a few hours or days.

Google Removes Location Filter from Search 2

As Google has not yet made any official statement, there are speculations that this may even be a bug. In fact, the change has been reported by searchers almost two weeks ago. But it is only now that it seems to be a full ‘roll out’ update.

Other Search Filters

This is not the first time that Google has quietly removed a search filter. It has done so with both tools and filters for years. One reason attributed to this change is that the search engine wants to prevent people from other countries from viewing US search results.

The probable link may be found to the Right to Be Forgotten law that has been pushed down hard by EU. The search engine may not want EU searchers to see results within the US from where the content may not have been removed.

That may be the probable reason but the location filter has been in use by a decent percentage of searchers.

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