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Google has Rolled Out “Mobilegeddon 2”

By May 13, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

A few months ago Google’s mobile friendly algorithm was announced to be released in May 2016. The search engine has now confirmed that the algorithm has rolled out and is already live for mobile Google search results. John Mueller (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) has confirmed the full roll-out of the algorithm through a tweet.

Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Announcement in March

It was in March that the search engine announced about rolling out its mobile-friendly algorithm in a couple of months. With this release, it will become more important than ever to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

If your site is already mobile-friendly, there’s no need to do anything. The update is expected to affect the search rankings of those sites which are not mobile friendly.

The algorithm has been revealed as a page-by-page signal. This means that the search engine takes time for evaluating each page. This means that it can take time for the impact to eventually start showing for websites.

Some webmasters have touted the update as “Mobilegeddon 2,” but this has been refuted by Google.

“Mobilegeddon 1” was in fact released back in April 21 2015. It was for the first time that Google had officially announced an algorithm release.

You can check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not by using the Google mobile-friendly tool.  Also check the Google mobile guidelines.

Impact of New Algorithm Update

It is expected that the algorithm update will affect only mobile search results. But it is expected to enhance the effects of mobile-friendly webpages by ranking them higher.

According to Google, if your site is already mobile-friendly, the update will not affect you. However, there are speculations whether this update is not going to give more benefits when it boosts the signal. There are also questions whether this update will only affect negatively those webpages which are not mobile friendly.

It is likely that it may provide an extra ranking boost to your site if it is mobile friendly. If it will affect your site’s web search rankings or not, it’s not clear yet.

The update is expected to bring traffic changes to mobile-version of your website. It will be a few weeks before the first impression of the algorithm update can be felt.

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