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Google Attribution was launched a few months ago. Despite the launch, the feature was restricted to a few advertisers. Google has now announced that the new system will be rolled out in beta to hundreds of advertisers. Some companies that tested it have claimed an increase of over 10% in their conversions. Thus, it can be said that the roll out will benefit advertisers in a bigger way.

What is Google Attribution?

Google Attribution provides deeper insights than what Analytics and AdWords can offer. It is a more basic version of Attribution 360. It is integrated with:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • DoubleClick

There is no need for additional site tagging.

All you have to do is link Analytics view that is further linked with your AdWords or DoubleClick Search account. Attribution will then get populated with all the performance data from the Analytics view. This includes offline conversion data in Analytics.

Attribution models can be assigned to your conversion events, allowing you to compare models on a side by side basis.

This has brought a seamless change in optimisation. Performance of keywords and queries can be seen in a more holistic manner and there is no longer the need to focus solely on the last-click events.

Benefits of Google Attribution

Attribution is expected to provide insights into the actual paths taken by users before converting. Currently, attribution modelling can be accessed from Conversions > AdWords ‘Attribution’ and offers only AdWords data. But the new rollout to advertisers will offer increased cross-channel data, giving a true picture of conversion.

Google has also introduced its machine learning model into the new feature.

The Roll Out

Google Attribution is being rolled out to select advertisers. The company hasn’t announced which countries will be targeted during the beta. It is expected that many advertisers in the UK will also be allowed to participate in the beta.

Google has provided a quick form that can be used to find out if you are one of the selected advertisers. You can log into Attribution to check if your account has been chosen. The search giant is expected to increase the number of advertisers with access in the near future.

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