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Google Rolls Out Medic Update: Is Your Search Ranking Affected?

By August 10, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google recently launched an algorithm update without much information on what it targeted. It was named as the “Medic Update”. According to the search engine, the update began rolling out no August 1. It is a core and global update, but most of the analysis shows that it is mostly the medical and health-based websites that have experienced changes in search rankings.

Google has, however, not confirmed this and has recognised it only as a broad update.

According to the search giant, delivering great user experience, high-quality content, and increasing your site’s usability are the only ways to get through this update.

Who Got Affected by the Search Algorithm Update?

While most surveys show that the Medic Update has laid most of its impact on health, medical, and Your-Money-Your-Life (YMYL) websites, others have also been impacted. This included game and entertainment niches too.

Some of the niche-wise findings include the following:

  • Most of the changes have been experienced with YMYL websites. However, these changes are mostly small in magnitude.
  • Some surveys show that health and finance sites have received bigger impact.
  • Then ecommerce, automotive and educational websites have also experienced some changes in their search rankings.
  • Some sources have also found changes in websites in the home goods industry.

It is worth noting that websites in first positions have also noticed fluctuations. It is very rare for first-position sites to be affected by even the biggest of Google search algorithm updates. This means that the Medic Update was a major update.

How to Fix Your Pages?

As with most of the previous Google updates, the search engine had only one answer for those who wanted to fix their websites. It recommended that you create high-quality content. It also suggested reading its raters’ guidelines. The search giant had recently updated its raters’ guidelines.

What are Your-Money-Your-Life Sites?

YMYL websites are related to life events and money. Google defines these pages as per following:

  • These websites seek personal information, including financial details that can be vulnerable to identity theft.
  • Sites that provide key health and medical information.
  • Sites used for financial transactions where financial details need to be revealed.
  • Sites where advice is provided on important life matters that can have major impact on user lives. This also includes sites providing legal advice.
  • Sites providing information on life decisions like buying property, parenting, buying vehicle, and similar decisions.

According to Google, the algorithm update is in the final stages of its roll out. You should also check your search engine rankings to determine if there are any changes.

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