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Google Search Console is No Longer in Beta: New Version Offers New Features

By September 5, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The Google Search Console, which has had been in beta mode for over a year, is now out of the test phase. The new Console now longer carries the ‘beta’ tag. It features a new manual actions section. The URL inspection tool has real-time properties.

Move Over from the Old to the New Version

Open the main Google Search Console home and you will now be taken to the new version. It is still possible to access the old version. There are two clear new additions to the Console:

  • Manual Actions: This section has been added to the sidebar
  • Live URL Inspection Tool: The URL inspection tool has received a Test Live feature

The Manual Actions feature is now available to everyone using both the new and old versions. You can run live tests against your URL using the URL inspection tool. Earlier, it generated results based on the last indexing of the URL by the search engine. Now, it presents results based on what is seen on a URL in real time.

Benefits of New Changes

According to Google, the real-time feature of the URL inspection tool is going to help with debugging. It can help fix issues in a webpage and verify the removal of reported issues. Once the issue has been fixed on the live version of the URL, it is possible to ask the search engine to index it again.

It is believed that the most commonly used cases have been supported in the new version. There are still many features in the old version of Search Console that need to be migrated. According to the search engine, whenever the same features are present in both versions, the messages will refer to the new version.

You can still access the old reports from the sidebar. Google will be removing them after some time. More tools and reports will be moved to the new version, in addition to new features.

Changes to Data Calculations

In addition to this latest update, the Google Search Console received some changes to data calculations recently. According to the search giant, it has made changes to the way the Console keeps track of some types of query data. These changes have an impact on how Search Analytics/Search Performance makes calculations on totals for queries not matching a text.

Thus, the Google Search Console has been receiving some major updates recently. For more information about updates in the digital marketing domain, it is recommended to visit