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Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines Receive New Update

By July 31, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

If you are an advertiser who is interested in SEO or SEM, there is some good news from Google’s side. The search engine has updated the guidelines for search quality rating. The best thing about the update is that you will find new areas that have been focused in the guidelines.

A big change in search quality rating this time was that the search giant required raters to go beyond checking the reputation of a website. It also wanted them to consider the content creators.

The World of Content Expands

This means that “Author Bios” will also matter in search results from now onwards. So the next time you add new content or update existing content, make sure to consider the reputation of the content contributors.

Some of the relevant points you should keep in mind in this regard include:

  • If Google sees that your content is created by someone who has an excellent reputation, the content is likely to rank higher.
  • All serious content creators will have to improve their bios.
  • The guidelines apply to all types of content, including textual, image, and video (and wherever it is –webpages, blogs, articles, video sharing sites, social media, and everywhere else)

Google has expanded the Low Quality section with new subsections. And this reputation is the most noticeable one.

Beneficial Purpose of Content

The beneficial purpose of content is another important factor that raters have focused on. This reiterates the importance of user experience for the search engine. As a webmaster, advertiser, or content creator, this means that you should focus on creating content for users and not just for Google.

The search results have been evaluated on dozens of other factors. The other steps you should take to address these factors include the following:

  • Create high quality main content that is beneficial for the user
  • Create a helpful and descriptive title (avoid sensational and tabloid-styled titles)
  • Make sure that information provided satisfies the target audience’s needs

Other areas of focus include the new emerging intelligent forms of spam and clickbait. These guidelines can work as great baseline for you to update and improve your content and online marketing effortsto boost your rankings.

Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines are created the search results are evaluated by more than 10,000 raters from across the world. They perform searches based on the searches that take place on the search engine. The quality of pages in the top search engine results pages (SERPs) is then rated.

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